Instant-on telemedicine that delivers efficient, effective care to your patients.

Extended Services

No matter the complexity or scope of your system, we seamlessly integrate patients, clinicians and facilities into one web-based portal. Now you can control costs by shifting care away from high cost centers and utilize finite resources more efficiently. Our goals is to help improve clinical effectiveness, cater to mobile consumerism, increase market presence and differentiate your organization for competitive success.

Manage Care

Whether offering care for acute or chronic patients, StarTeleMed is ideal for consultative care, evaluation and monitoring patient compliance. we can help you improve your patients’ quality of life by reducing re-admissions, ER Visits and unnecessary clinic visits. Our solution will help you successfully manage your interactions with your patient population and help patients manage their own health.

Increase Access

We make it easy for providers to maintain patient relationships anywhere, anytime. Expand your patient population by eliminating geographic barriers while delivering a unique, interactive and virtual health care experience for each patient.