Use of Telemedicine on the Rise Among Sports Trainers.

Measure and transmit your vitals using fitness accessories and interactive applications.

How Can Telemedicine Help?

Sports and exercise activities are an important part of any healthy lifestyle. But with increased activity comes the increased risk of injury. In the absence of an obviously severe injury like a broken bone, most doctor’s visits concerning sports injuries are patients looking for reassurance that the injury is not more severe.

Sports injuries often fall into either a minor category (ankle sprains, wrist sprains, shoulder or rib soreness) or a severe category (broken bone, severely torn ligament/tendon).

Sports medicine professionals increasingly are using telemedicine technologies to diagnose and treat athletes, particularly those who might have experienced a concussion.

Telehealth promotes real-time, immediate exam of the player, reducing the risk and danger associated with concussions, and other sports injuries.

Through the technology:

  • Players are able to be evaluated by a neurologist more consistently and more easily schedule follow-up appointments; and
  • Trainers are more easily able to consult with physicians or other experts about a player’s injury.
  • Many trainers are using telemedicine booths with cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom.