Telehealth Alliance

Powerful health care alliance to provide telemedicine on a global scale.

Telehealth Alliance

Cuba Grenada Telehealth Alliance is a powerful healthcare alliance between two countries committed to advancement of healthcare on a global scale.


The broadband improvements will help foster greater use of telehealth applications, facilitate expansion of electronic health records and allow for new tele-learning and research opportunities for the state’s rural medical community.

Powerful Combination

CGTA grew out of a need for a group of medical experts to work together to promote the effective adoption and expansion of telehealth.


CGTA is a member supported coalition between two emerging countries.  Diverse stakeholders work to promote appropriate use of telehealth services for meeting healthcare needs of the islands.

Mission Statement

CGTA’s mission is to improve the delivery of healthcare around rural areas through the deployment and use of telemedicine technologies.


To further this objective, CGTA is looking to partner with medical professional in Cuba and Grenada to build a telemedicine alliance with shared learning resources, networking opportunities and joint projects.

Cuba Grenada Telehealth Alliance (“CGTA“)


Cuba. Thriving Healthcare System

The Cuban health system is recognized worldwide for its excellence and its efficiency. Despite extremely limited resources and the dramatic impact caused by the sanctions imposed by the U.S. for more than half a century, Cuba has managed to guarantee access to care for all segments of the population and obtain similar results to those of the most developed nations.

Grenada. Focus on Healthcare

In recent years, a central focus of the Ministry of Health has been to provide its citizenry with excellent primary care. To this end, primary health care services are usually offered free at public health centers. Citizens incur only a small fee for medicine, lab-work, or other diagnostics; and fees are waived for the elderly, children, and the indigent.