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Why You'll Love Our Platform

StarTeleMed's telemedicine platform supports the growth of this important channel for healthcare delivery. The solution helps to increase access to healthcare for every patient and provides a safe, efficient and easy to implement care delivery option for providers.

Expand Your Reach

Our telemedicine platform allows you to reach and retain current patients. ​ Grow your panel by increasing access for highly mobile professionals. Increase access for housebound patients. Reach rural patients who desire online care and consultation.

Easy Search & Find

Easy search and find option allows you to narrow down the selection of physicians and specialists and find the ones that meet your needs.

Powerful Tools

The Components of StarTeleMed's Telemedicine Platform

No Appointments

No long waiting room visits, simply log in to see your doctor immediately from a comfort of your home or from the road.

Access Anywhere

Access a provider anywhere, any time using any internet connected device or our easy to use mobile application.

Integrated Devices

Our integrated devices provide the data and evidence you need to drive clinically sound healthcare decisions.

Safe & Secure

Your data is always secure and safe using HIPAA Compliant Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform.

Open 24/7

Certified providers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No waiting time.

Easy Payments

The app has a built-in payment system. Now you can pay for doctor’s visits easily with your preferred credit card.

“You have raised my standard for customer service. Thank you for the support during the setup and integration process.”
K. Smith
Urgent Care Clinic
“With the help of StarTeleMed we are able to break down the distance barriers and provide more efficient and safer health care."
J. Warren
Medical Center
“Using the state-of-the-art equipment and software, we can communicate in real time with our patients around the world.”
K. Smith
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Powerful Telemedicine Application

We makes it easy to successfully implement a telemedicine program in your practice with streamlined workflows, and simple patient features.

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